New Federal Rights for Home Care Workers: Litigating under the New USDOL Companionship Rules

After decades of exclusion from federal wage protections, home care workers have finally gained FLSA coverage as new rules adopted by the Obama administration DOL took effect this year. Almost all personal care attendants, home health aides, and other workers who provide in-home services to older adults and people with disabilities are now entitled to the federal minimum wage, overtime pay, pay for travel time between consumers, and other federal protections.

Learn more about what the new rules say, when they took effect, how they interact with state wage laws, and how they apply to state Medicaid home care programs. Presenters will also discuss their experiences litigating home care worker cases in state court and preview the issues common to this workforce.

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Panelists include:

Sarah Leberstein, NELP
Renee Gerni, SEIU, Washington, D.C.
Artemio Guerra, Getman & Sweeney, PLLC, New Paltz, NY
Sally Dworak-Fisher, Public Justice Center, Baltimore, MD
Derek Braziel, Lee & Braziel, LLP, Dallas, TX

Moderator: Cathy Ruckelshaus, NELP

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