NELP Connect Community Manager

New York


Since joining NELP as the database and office associate in December 2016, Frank Gattie has been actively engaged in a number of key projects, including streamlining the organization’s databases, helping maintain NELP’s IT infrastructure, and providing support to NELP’s Communications team.

Frank comes to NELP with a strong dedication to workers’ rights and issues, with experience organizing with the Fight for $15 campaign and conducting outreach for the Street Vendor Project at the Urban Justice Center.

Frank commits a bulk of his free time supporting worker struggles around New York City. He leads weekly consumer education meetups in support of workers who were fired after an I-9 audit at Tom Cat Bakery in 2017. He is also the branch secretary of the New York City branch of the Industrial Workers of the World. There, he connects workers with organizing trainings and is helping build a network of volunteers to support the labor movement.

Frank also previously worked as a waiter while earning a degree in history at CUNY Queens College, where he connected the history of America’s labor movement with his own struggles as a worker in the New York City restaurant industry. Writing on this topic, he won first place in CUNY’s Making Work Visible Labor Arts Contest while he was a student. His writing has also been featured in the New York Times and New York Daily News. At NELP, he has provided testimony about working conditions in New York’s service industry at a state and local level. He is currently pursuing an Advanced Certificate in Labor Studies from the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies.

Frank is glad to be part of an organization that fights tirelessly for the rights and respect that workers deserve. He is a member of the NELP Staff Association’s executive committee, NOLSW, UAW, LOCAL 2320.


B.A., City University of New York, Queens

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