Maryland Legislators Should Protect Local Democracy and Say No to Preemption of Local Minimum Wage Laws

State legislatures around the country are attempting to bar cities and counties from passing their own minimum wage laws through “preemption” laws that take away a locality’s power to enact such measures.  Local minimum wage laws play a key role in ensuring that a worker can afford the basics in cities or counties where the cost of living is higher than in other parts of the state.  Preemption of local minimum wage laws forms part of a corporate effort to protect profits and runs counter to what voters want from their representatives.  Recent surveys show that most voters believe their local government should be able to adopt policies that reflect local values and view preemption as a threat to local democracy.  Advocates, workers, and legislators who support local democracy and oppose corporate special interests should oppose the preemption of local minimum wage laws.

You can read the full publication below.

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