Blog | January 15, 2016

Arizona Governor Threatens Financial Retribution Against Cities That Raise Minimum Wage

Governor Doug Ducey (R) says he’ll withhold state funds from cities that raise the minimum wage.

Blog | January 8, 2016

New Year Brings New Resolve to Push for $15 Minimum Wage in New York

NY began the New Year with a major escalation of the campaign to make it the first state to enact(…)

Blog | December 11, 2015

State Board Upholds New York $15 Fast Food Minimum Wage Plan

A state oversight board has rejected a challenge to the NY fast food $15 minimum wage order.

Blog | December 5, 2015

Top 5 Ways to Enforce Local Minimum Wage Laws

More than 30 cities and counties across the country have enacted local minimum wage increases in recent years, responding to worsening(…)

Blog | December 5, 2015

More Cities Act to Raise Minimum Wages

Blog | December 5, 2015

More Cities Act to Raise Minimum Wages

More U.S. cities in more states are moving ahead to raise wages.

Blog | November 21, 2015

While Out of Touch Politicians Balk, Companies Have Been Raising Base Pay for Workers

More companies are raising base pay for workers even as out of touch politicians oppose raising the minimum wage.

Blog | November 13, 2015

Low-Wage Workers Rally Nationwide for $15, Union Rights and Power at the Ballot Box

In 270 cities and towns, tens of thousands of low-wage workers joined the “Fight for $15” day of action.

Blog | November 6, 2015

$15 Minimum Wage Ballot Measures Pushed for 2016 in California

Ballot measures to raise California’s minimum wage to $15 are being pushed in California.

Blog | November 6, 2015

Tacoma, WA Voters Approve $12 Local Minimum Wage

Voters in Tacoma, WA this week overwhelmingly approved raising the minimum wage to $12 by 2018.

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