FAQs For Workers:
Unemployment Insurance

Workers who are eligible for regular state unemployment insurance (UI) can apply for those benefits and receive additional federal unemployment assistance.

Workers who are NOT eligible for regular state UI can receive federal unemployment assistance if they are fully or partially unemployed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

These FAQs are for workers who have questions about the various benefits they may be entitled to during this pandemic, and whether they should apply for regular state UI or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).


The Basics


Beyond the Basics

FAQs For Workers:
Unemployment Insurance


NEW: What does the American Rescue Plan Act mean for me, an unemployed worker?


1. What was the program that was created through the presidential memorandum and how does it impact my UI benefits?


2. What is Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)?


3. What’s the difference between UI and PUA?


4. What are the new unemployment assistance programs created in response to the coronavirus pandemic?


5. Am I eligible for UI or PUA benefits?


6. Can I get UI or PUA benefits if I’m an independent contractor? And how do I know if I’m an employee or an independent contractor?


7. What if I’m still employed, but my hours and/or pay have been cut? Am I eligible for UI or PUA?


8. What if I was fired from my job? Am I eligible for UI or PUA?



9. What if I quit my job? Can I get UI or PUA?


10. I am an immigrant worker and have lost my job. Am I eligible for UI or PUA?


11. Will I continue to receive UI or PUA benefits after the first payment? Do I need to do anything else after I submit my claim for UI or PUA benefits?


12. How long can I receive UI or PUA benefits?


13. How much will I receive in UI or PUA benefits?


14. How do I apply for UI or PUA benefits?


15. How long will it take to receive my UI or PUA benefits?


16. How will I receive my UI or PUA benefits?


17. If I am called back to work that is unsafe because of COVID-19, can I refuse to work and continue to collect UI or PUA benefits?


18. I filed for UI or PUA but was denied. What can I do?

Weeks of Unemployment & Rates Maps


FAQs that will be updated with policy changes regarding working during the pandemic with an arrest and/or conviction record.

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