Stopping Misclassification and Low-Road Outsourcing

Our economy is in the midst of a major restructuring in the way business operates, particularly in fast-growing service industries. Contingent work structures, outsourcing to subcontractors, the misclassification of employees as independent contractors, franchising, and “shared economy” jobs can hamper organizing, erode labor standards, and dilute accountability. NELP is working with allies to ensure accountability by lead companies that structure their businesses without responsibility for their workers, by drafting legislation, enforcing broadly scoped labor and employment laws, and promoting employer best practices.

Who's the Boss: Restoring Accountability for Labor Standards in Outsourced Work

In this report, NELP describes the job structures and impacts on workers in selected outsourced sectors, outlines model policy responses, and proposes a new framework for expanding employer accountability for those in their business.

Read the report here.

Outsourced Work: Insourcing Responsibility (Conference)

May 12-13, 2014 —This conference brought together leading thinkers and allies from government, worker centers, labor unions, business, academia and the policy community to address these challenges. The conference highlighted innovative enforcement approaches, organizing strategies and legislative campaigns, and explored new ideas for business models and policy changes that can reverse the trend toward poor job quality, regardless of how work is structured.

Watch the footage from the conference here.

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