Our Impact

In 2018-19, NELP’s impact resonated in 41 states and 2 territories,
and at the federal level!

We will build on these victories in 2020:

  • Supported wins in at least six states to extend overtime pay coverage, expand bargaining rights, and strengthen fiduciary protections for workers.
  • Won an innovative Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in Seattle, WA.Won $15 minimum wages in NJ, IL, CT and MD.
  • Won local unemployment compensation legislation in D.C. for furloughed workers during the government shutdown – covering the potentially eligible 195,000 federal employees.

Read more in our 2018-19 Impact Report: LEGACY, REFLECTION, AND CONNECTION


NELP thanks you for your generosity and commmitment to creating good jobs, strengthening upward mobility, and advancing workplace rights.


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